Since I’ve been at college it’s been one huge disaster after another.. I’m convinced the world is going to end tomorrow and I missed the memo. College is supposed to be the time of our lives, the four years we reminice about when we’re old, married parents. Well if these last two weeks are any prelude to what my college experience is going to be like, I’m in for a rough time. First off, the weekend I left for school my friend’s dad got in a car accident in the middle of the night and was killed. Watching them react was the worst, most shocking thing I’ve ever witnessed. Then, the next weekend there were two more deaths. My friends mom died of cancer, and a woman who had been like a grandma to me passed away unexpectedly from a stroke. At this point, I figured it was only uphill from here. Wrong! My roomate let someone borrow her car and they totaled it, in the same day I got a parking ticket. Then, while I parked my car to go take care of my parking ticket I got another parking ticket! Wait, theres more! I’ve been partying for the first time in my life this year, as a freshman in college. My parents showed up in Muncie for, what I thought, was going to be a pleasant visit made complete with the purchase of my TV. Wrong again! It turns out they hired a private investigator to follow me and see what I’ve been up to. Thats two weeks! So for two weeks I’ve been followed around by some guy who reports my actions to my parents. Granted, I probably shouldn’t be partying in the first place. However, I found their actions a little (extremely) over the top. They took my car, tried to make me come home and almost commandeered my laptop. Jeez! Needless to say I never got my t.v… To top it all off, there have been approximately 67 confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus at purdue, and 40% of Ball State University is expected to become infected… Awesome huh? Whip out the hand sanitizer and Kleenex everyone!

First post:)

Hi! I’m Rachel, I’m a freshman at BSU and this is my first blog post. I’ve never really been into this kinda thing, however, writing a blog has been assigned to me by my BSU english proffesor. The assignment seems pretty simple: write a 250-word blog, twice a week. Well, seeing as I’ve never so much as read a blog this is proving to be a little more difficult then I had anticipated. It’s interesting to go through the tons of blogs that have already been posted. I didn’t think I would enjoy reading what people have to say, but I do! I like going through other people’s embarrassing horror stories, it makes me feel better about my day! Also, from browsing through the thoughts of these bored individuals, I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know before… Some more important than others. For example, did anyone know riding the subway can assist in building your immune system? Who knew pumpkin spice lattes can improve a music-listening experience? I guess it all makes sense but the thought never crossed my mind! I’ve been wracking my brain for quirky, interesting things I could share, little facts that noone knows, strong opinions that make people think, etc. I just can’t think of anything! Come to find out this assignment is going to take some thought. I’m juggling a few topics now. Such as, a document of my life as a college freshman, or maybe I’ll research politics, figure out what my views are and write about that, or maybe I could write about celebrities lives. Celebs are always having some sort of baby mama drama or rehab fiascos..Hmm…Needless to say, I just might have fun with this assignment…